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Please write a few lines of what kind of horse experience you have, what kind of horse education or maybe some practise experience.

If you arrive with train/bus, please tell us what time you come in the ARRIVAL block.

We can pick you up if you come to Lingbo or Ockelbo from 8 in the morning until 8 in the evening.

Payment for the education you will find it further down on this side. You can pay with card or invoice by Payson. When we get your payment, you have a place in our class that you selected.

Write what education you would like to go to in message block.


Arrival * of course you can stay some extra nights in our school. One night cost 200 skr/extra per night and person. Let us know what day you are coming here.

I have read the agreement and i approve of them. *

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OBS SIGN UP to our courseor training is binding.

Payment is done in the shop lower down on this page. If you have to cancel, then the payment will be payed back when you have a medical certificate.
The student is responsible for it owns health, so it will not be any risk to anticipate for injury or sickness to be in our courses.

SANHCP, Hooka AB will have the right to cancel the education or courses when it’s too few students, at least 5 students then we will have a class. If the course should be cancelled, then we will pay back the full price.
Trim class is only made for students that will work on their own horses and the horses is healthy.
If you start to work on other horses in our name SANHCP we will prosecute.

Force majeure
SANHCP commitment is due to circumstance that SANHCP have the opportunity  to fulfil the agreement ant will not be prevented or made it difficult or delayed through circumstances that depends on governments measure, war, import – or export prohibition , strike, lockout, boycott, blockade, fire, accident or any other happening that SANHCP can not anticipate.                  

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Address: Hooka AB
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Visiting address:   Verkstadsvägen 1
816 92 Lingbo

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