Professor Robert Bowker

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Enteric nervous system in normal cows and those with displaced abomasum
Functional anatomy of pain mechanism
Organization of descending pathways to spinal cord
Transmitters and inflammation within synovial membrane, lungs and skin
Equine foot
Navicular disease

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Professor Robert M Bowker VMD, PhD Michigan State University MSU · Department of Pathobiology
85 publicerade artiklar
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Care and Rehabilitation of the Equine Foot. 2007
Equine Podiatry 2007
The Essential Hoof Book 2018
PhD, Neurobiology, University of Pennsylvania, PhD 1979
VMD, Veterinary Medicine, University of Pennsylvania, VMD 1973
BS, Biology/chemistry, Springfield College, BS 1969
Post Doctoral Training, Marine Biomedical Institute, University of Texas